Project management: SDT has trained to implement any project drilling and completion technique and personal abilities. It has trade agreements with national and international companies with extensive experience in different lines of drilling and completion.

Directional drilling and MLWD: Cutting-Edge Technology 100% reliable, qualified staff with extensive experience in the field, engineering, Planning and Design 3D, BHAS design, report anti-collision, Torque & Drag, Hydraulic.

Lithologic control: SDT has a data acquisition system "on line" tech, fully automated which allows obtaining drilling parameters in high resolution in both time base and depth. intrinsically safe and configurable according to customer requirements universal sensors.

Registro de desviación (GYRO): North Seeking Gyro "tech, qualified staff with extensive experience in the field, availability of tools for any kind of services: orientation or Multishot in real time or memory, only company with different diameter tool which allows multishot in completions with very small diameters.

Shelling and electric logs TDS specializes in cased hole electric logs being part of the services offered records GR - CCL for correlation guns, registration radial CBL cement.

Reducers / Torque Rings: Steel with ARMACOR M coating, low coefficient of friction, no moving parts or rubber that guarantee 100% safety in operations - no faults, unique in the market that supports 10,000 lbs of sideforce, provides the performance of a premium connection at a significantly reduced cost, quick and easy installation.

Downhole tools: New Moneles of all sizes, stabilizers of all sizes, floaters valves, pony moneles, flex moneles, UBHO's, hammer drills.

Repair and maintenance: Our facilities located in the city of Coca, have all facilities, tools to perform maintenance on our own, and we also have all the support and facilities of our suppliers and associated companies in the United States.

Income drill pipe: We drill pipe manufactured to specifications Shell Sqair and inspected NS-1 and NS-2 criteria.




Drilling Records

Inspired by continuous improvement, qualified personnel and state-of-the-art tools have allowed SDT to obtain recognition (RECORDS DE PERFORACION) throughout its short trajectory in the Ecuadorian oil market, becoming a company that leader in oil services in The segment of Directional Drilling



OPEC is eyeing a rival oil megaprojects

After nearly a year of low oil prices, OPEC members are beginning to believe they are defeating the US shale producers in the short term battle for market share.



Oil drilling

Drilling, and exploration is an activity that demands time and financial resources.Therefore, a rig is only installed and start drilling when geologists and geophysicists have agreed the most suitable for the search for hydrocarbons in the subsurface location.


The work tools we have developed for your service.

Drilling Engineering

Gyroscopic technology records

Reducers / torque rings technology

Shelling and electric logs

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